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Bryan Gideon

The founder of Bristol Karate Academy's Backwell dojo, Sensei Bryan Gideon has over 40 years of experience as a karate practitioner and instructor, first in the KUGB and now as part of JKS England. In recognition of his achievement, in 2014 he was presented with a special certificate at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, during the KUGB National Championships.

Bryan started training in 1973 at the Bristol Shotokan Dojo under Sensei Bill Winfield. Five years later he started Backwell SKC with Bob Padfield on the invitation of two teachers at Backwell Secondary School where the club used to train. It was in 1984 that he was awarded his shodan by the late Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda after 11 years of hard training. As an instructor, he has helped many of his students improve their karate considerably, having taught many of them from beginner to black belt.

The highlights of Sensei Gideon's karate career have been various. In the past he has enjoyed organising and taking part in karate training weekends in Backwell School's holiday home. More recently seeing his students entering both local and national events has been something that he has taken great pleasure in.

When asked about the club he said, "During my long association with Bristol Karate Academy I have met some exceptionally talented karateka and have had the pleasure of helping them achieve their goals, but more than this they have become life-long friends."

Bryan is the club's Safeguarding & Welfare Officer

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