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Ian Connell

Ian Connell holds the rank of 3rd Dan JKS in Shotokan Karate and, as an instructor, focuses primarily on developmental karate in the Nailsea and Backwell dojos.

Ian started his martial arts journey with Judo in 1984 in Pill, before moving to Backwell Judo Club in 1992. He passed his Judo 1st Dan in 1994, but with work commitments and after the birth of his children, Ian took a step back from training.

As his children got older, he looked for a new challenge where his whole family could train together, starting karate at Bristol Karate Academy’s Backwell dojo in 2004. Since that point, Ian hasn’t looked back and has relished the opportunity to see his family members thrive with their own karate journeys.

Ian’s dedication to karate and to the club is evidenced not only by his grading achievements but by the sheer number of tournament medals he’s won over the years. Most notably he won gold in veterans’ kumite at the 2016 KUGB Southern Region Championships and silver as part of the Academy’s kumite team at the 2016 WTKO Irish Open. See Ian’s full list of achievements here.

Ian’s commitment to training means he rarely misses a class in Nailsea, Backwell and Long Ashton. This has given him the opportunity to see hundreds of members developing and learning under the guidance of the senseis and encouraged by the comradeship of a club filled with supportive members.

When asked about joining the team of instructors at the Academy, Ian said: “I have always been inspired by the senseis that have taught me, the seniors at the club and seeing my fellow club members tackling adversity to meet their own goals. With hard work as well as guidance and support of the Academy’s senseis and clubmates, all challenges can be overcome. And if I can inspire just one more person to achieve their personal goals, my job is done.”

Qualified as a 3rd Dan JKS in Shotokan Karate (2021)
KUGB Southern Region Championships Male Veteran Kumite Champion (2016)
Central England Open Veteran Kata bronze medallist (2022)
JKS England Nationals Veteran Kumite bronze medallist (2016)
2x KUGB Southern Region Championships Team Kumite silver medallist (2017, 2015)
2x KUGB Southern Region Championships Team Kumite bronze medallist (2019, 2018)
KUGB Southern Region Veteran Kumite bronze medallist (2017)
4x KUGB South West Championships Team Kata bronze medallist (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015)
WTKO Irish Open 2016 2x silver medallist (Male Team Kumite, Male Veteran Kumite)
KUGB South West Championships Male Kumite bronze medallist (2016)
HDKI Irish Open 2017 silver medallist (team kumite), and 2x bronze medallist (team kata, male kumite)
Legend Open 2015 Male Veteran Kumite silver medallist

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