Latest updates from across the academy

By Admin
11 March 2024 1:43 pm

In our second tournament in just two weeks, Academy competitors outdid themselves once again. This time in Abingdon, at the JKS England Development Series event. 

The Development Series is a JKS-only competition that's designed to increase tournament experience for its members. At the Abingdon event - the first of two tournaments in the series this year - competitors from a dozen JKS dojos competed for the honours of being the Abingdon event champion. 

This time around, the Academy took 13 placings across the event and also saw new competitors step onto the mat for the second weekend in a row, Well done to everyone that represented the Academy, including these medallists:

GOLD for Steven Connell in Senior Male Kata
GOLD for Oli Hulbert in Boys’ Kumite, 12-14, 2nd Kyu+
GOLD for Luke Mashford in Children’s Kata, 5-10  years, 6th-4th Kyu
GOLD for Scarlett Jones in Senior Kata (Kyu grades)
GOLD for Asha Crabb in Children’s Kata, 5-10 years, 9th-7th Kyu
SILVER for Benjamin Griffiths in Children’s Kata, 5-10 years, 6th-4th Kyu 
SILVER for Luke Mashford in Children’s Kickmaster
BRONZE for Steven Connell in Senior Male Kumite
BRONZE for Scarlett Jones in Female 15-17 Kumite, 6th Kyu+
BRONZE for Finn Westcott in Senior Male Kata
BRONZE for Evert Collard in Children’s Kata, 14-15 years, 3rd Kyu+
BRONZE for Olive Davies in Children’s Kata, 11-15, 6th-4th Kyu
BRONZE for Benjamin Griffiths in Children’s Kickmaster 

Thank you to JKS England for putting on a great event, to our supporters for once again being so vocal and so positive, and to the referees and judges for keeping the event running at such a good pace.

Full squad: Evert Collard, Ian Connell, Steven Connell, Asha Crabb, Olive Davies, Benjamin Griffiths, Reuben Hothersall, Oli Hulbert, Scarlett Jones, Calixtine Langley, Luke Mashford and Finn Westcott. 

Team Manager: Kevin Mashford