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By Admin
06 February 2023 8:35 am
Finishers photos from the full week!
Finishers photos from the full week!

Thanks to everyone that that took part in this year’s kangeiko – a brilliant week of training hard together and lifting spirits for the year ahead!

Kangeiko means ‘cold training’. Each day we started with an outdoor run in our do-gis (karate suits), followed by an hour of training back at the dojo. The week of training was free of charge for everyone that took part.

Each day brought a different area of focus, from kicks to squats to kata. While the middle of the week can often feel sore on the body, by the end of the six days the conversation was around many of us feeling that our bodies were getting used to it and the camaraderie pulled us through.

The final day sees a couple of differences: a longer run but also a celebratory breakfast! Those that took part helped make sure everyone was well-fed with a full English or breakfast baps, teas, coffees and juices. Thank you especially to our chefs!

Congratulations to those of you that were awarded certificates for a full week of kangeiko and thank you to all that made the event a good one! We hope everyone was buoyed by the special week of training!