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09 December 2022 9:22 pm
Matt Sensei, the Academy coaches and the participants from our first of two seminars.
Matt Sensei, the Academy coaches and the participants from our first of two seminars.

With 80 karateka training and over 60 members attempting and passing their kyu gradings, our end of year seminar was certainly a great way to sign off a successful year at Bristol Karate Academy.

We were delighted to welcome Sensei Matt Price to our dojo for the first time since Summer 2021. And this time he was just back from Japan where he passed his nanadan (7th Dan) in front of a JKS grading panel led by the world famous Kagawa Shihan.

In honour of the occasion, the Academy presented Matt Sensei with some special gifts. He showed great appreciation for the special Japanese Whiskey in an engraved wooden presentation box, along with some engraved whiskey glasses. Kampai, Sensei!

There is no one more qualified to talk about managing the pressure of grading than someone that has just been put through their paces in Tokyo! And Sensei shared some excellent advice to everyone present.

Matt Sensei focussed on correct body use throughout both of the classes he taught on the day. In the all-grade seminar one of the highlights was the kicking section, where Sensei demonstrated on Ian Sensei how to best use technique, balance and distancing to execute the perfect kick. While in the advanced class, the focus for the kumite was avoiding unnecessary body movement and being fully aware of where your hands are when recovering from an attack.

In Japan, one of Matt Sensei’s grading katas was Nijushiho. So it was particularly useful to get a full explanation in the advanced class of the minutiae of the kata, both from Sensei’s own experience and also from the guidance he received from Kagawa Shihan. Everyone certainly had plenty to take away, in order to focus on the ‘kanku’ of the kata.

A huge well done to everyone that graded on the day. You did yourselves and the Academy proud. Thank you to everyone that supported the event – both members and our visitors, who are always very welcome. Thank you to our team of helpers, for making sure the event ran smoothly. And finally, a big thank you to Sensei for travelling down to see us. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2023.