Latest updates from across the academy

07 April 2023 9:16 pm
On Monday we were delighted to host former JKS world champion, Takuya Makita Sensei. The seminar, run in association with JKS England, was the first time Bristol Karate Academy have had the pleasure to host an instructor from the JKS world headquarters[…]

05 April 2023 1:18 pm
Congratulations to Joel Olivier and Juan Rodrigues, who both successfully passed their nidan grading examinations on Sunday.

The grading was held in Nottingham under a grading panel led by [...]

01 April 2023 9:21 am
On Sunday we were delighted to host two exceptional JKS England instructors: Nick Heald Sensei (7th Dan JKS) and Ashley Scott-Heald Sensei (5th Dan JKS).

Nick Sensei is a former ESKA European [...]

31 March 2023 4:39 pm
Congratulations to our latest group of Warriors, who complete their latest term this evening! We have over twenty taking part and they've made exceptional progress throughout the last 12 weeks!

Last week we held a [...]

11 March 2023 8:42 pm
A good day out at the KSE Championships in Gloucester on 5th March, with medals across the age groups! Here are the results from Bristol Karate Academy competitors [...]

19 February 2023 8:00 am
We’re delighted to confirm that we’ll be hosting JKS HQ instructor, Takuya Makita Sensei on Monday 3rd April, as part of his visit to the South West.

This event is open to both members and guests of other clubs and karate associations. [...]

06 February 2023 9:50 pm
Congratulations to the three Bristol Karate Academy karateka that have been selected to be part of the JKS England squad! The selections took place in Harrogate, under JKS England national coach, Sensei Matt Price and assistant [...]

06 February 2023 8:35 am
Thanks to everyone that that took part in this year’s kangeiko – a brilliant week of training hard together and lifting spirits for the year ahead!

Kangeiko means ‘cold training’. Each day we started with an outdoor run in our [...]

23 January 2023 8:42 pm
We're delighted to announce that we'll be joined by TWO guest instructors for our extra special Spring Double Header seminar on Sunday 26th March.

This event is open to both members and guests of other clubs and karate associations and will also double as our club kyu grading [...]

23 January 2023 7:59 pm
Very soon we'll be holding our fourth annual kangeiko! Kangeiko means "cold training". It is a week-long training programme to start the year with high levels of [...] READ MORE