Latest updates from across the academy

By Admin
29 May 2024 8:25 am

Kumite skills and kata skills were both at the ready at the JKS England squad fundraising seminar in May.

Three of the JKS England team that are heading to Japan this summer ran a three hour seminar in Walsall to help raise money for the squad that will be taking part in the JKS International Cup – the top competition in JKS competition.

Bristol’s Tim Griffiths taught alongside Remi Jurgilaitis (Harrogate) and Thea Priest (Somerset Ryu) at the event, which saw karate-ka from up and down the country coming together to learn the skills that will help our team as they journey to Tokyo.

An original instructor from the announced teaching line-up, Tom Little, was also there – and it was fantastic to see him. Tom, who was injured at the BKF British Championships also took part in the Q&A session held between the two sessions. And as a former JKS European Champion he was more than qualified.

It was fantastic to see several Bristol Karate Academy members at the event. Thank you to you all, as well as the JKS members from across England for making the event a great success!