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By Admin
20 November 2023 6:20 pm

Yesterday’s performance at the JKS England National Championships was the best ever at the event from Bristol Karate Academy members.

The championships, held at Grantham Meres Leisure Centre for the first time, saw the Academy take a squad of 15 competitors – from seasoned performers to those entering their first event – to compete for the honour of being crowned JKS national champion.

And they did not let themselves down. Every single competitor showed incredible effort levels and commitment on the mat, doing themselves and the Academy proud.

In total, Bristol Karate Academy members took home 16 medals across all age groups. Amongst those, five were gold.
Congratulations to our senior team of Tim Griffiths, Steven Connell and Dan Salter, who recaptured the Team Kata title last held by the Academy in 2018.
Our youth kata teams showed that there’s a bright future for the Academy in the event too. Congratulations to Benjamin Griffiths, Luke Mashford and Taylor Gibney for also taking gold in the 5-10 years division and to Nephele Metsiou, Olive Davies and Scarlett Jones for also picking up a medal in the 11-15 years division.
At last year’s event, Tim Griffiths took home the Masters (35 years+) Kata title and a silver in the Senior (16 years+) event. This year he went one better, being crowned JKS national champion in both categories.
The fifth gold of the day came from Benjamin Griffiths, as he kicked and punched his way to taking first place in the 8-9 years Kickmaster event, showing some excellent skill along the way.
Every medal and every performance came with its own fantastic story. And if you’d like to be part of the story for our next event, keep an eye out for details of what’s coming in 2024!
Well done to all of our competitors for putting in a fantastic performance throughout the day, thanks to our wonderful supporters and parents for coming to the event and thank you to JKS England for running a fantastic championship!
Here is the full list of results for our Academy competitors: 
GOLD for Tim Griffiths, Steven Connell & Dan Salter in Senior Team Kata
GOLD for Benjamin Griffiths, Luke Mashford & Taylor Gibney in Children’s Team Kata (ages 5-10)
GOLD for Tim Griffiths in Male Senior Kata 
GOLD for Tim Griffiths in Masters (35+ years) Male Kata
GOLD for Benjamin Griffiths in Children’s Kickmaster, 8-9 years
SILVER for Dan Salter in Masters (35+ years) Male Kumite
SILVER for Liam Mashford in Cadet Male Kumite, 14-15 years
SILVER for Liam Mashford in Cadet Male Kata, 14-15 years
SILVER for Nephele Metsiou in Children’s Dan Grade Kata, 8-13 years
BRONZE for Nephele Metsiou, Olive Davies and Scarlett Jones in Children’s Team Kata, 11-15 years
BRONZE for Olive Davies in Cadet Female Kumite, 9th-4th Kyu
BRONZE for Luke Mashford in Children’s Kumite, 8-10 years, 9th-4th Kyu
BRONZE for Dan Salter in Masters Male Kata
BRONZE for Olive Davies in Female Kata, 11-15 years, 6th-1st Kyu
BRONZE for Scarlett Jones in Female Kata, 11-15 years, 6th-1st Kyu
BRONZE for Benjamin Griffiths in Children’s Kata, 5-10 years, 6th-1st Kyu
Full squad: Evert Collard, Ian Connell, Steven Connell, Olive Davies, Taylor Gibney, John Green, Benjamin Griffiths, Tim Griffiths, Scarlett Jones, Josh Mashford, Kevin Mashford (Team Manager), Liam Mashford, Luke Mashford, Nephele Metsiou, Juan Rodrigues & Dan Salter.