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By Admin
07 April 2023 9:16 pm

On Monday we were delighted to host former JKS world champion, Takuya Makita Sensei. The seminar, run in association with JKS England, was the first time Bristol Karate Academy have had the pleasure to host an instructor from the JKS world headquarters (honbu dojo). And from the feedback received after the event, it was a resounding success!

Makita Sensei had taught at the JKS England national seminar in Nottingham on Sunday, which several of our members enjoyed. But we were looking forward to Sensei sharing his karate with many more from across Wales and the West the following day. 

After the session, it was our pleasure to bring Makita Sensei to Bristol and to show him the sites.  With trips up to Clifton Suspension Bridge, the floating harbour and an access all areas tour of Ashton Gate Stadium – perfect for a football fan like Makita Sensei – he was well looked after in the run up to training.

The evening’s seminar was split into two: an all-grade seminar and a brown and black belt class. From the opening minutes, Makita Sensei certainly left everyone in awe with his phenomenal speed, focus and precision. No one was left in doubt as to how Sensei won both kata and kumite at the JKS all-Japan and world championships. 

With time spent on multiple katas, seminar delegates went away with newfound confidence and enthusiasm. 

In the second of two seminars, time was split evenly between kumite and kata. Makita Sensei had everyone drilling efficient footwork, lightning relaxed hand speed and a real determination to be first to the punch. For kata, Sensei spent time on Gojushiho Dai, demonstrating technical improvements that could help push everyone’s kata to the next level. Again, a focus on flow, precision and dynamic movement, typified what Makita Sensei’s karate - and JKS karate - are all about. 

With training all done, it was time to present Sensei with some gifts to remember his time in Bristol. A Bristol City jacket to keep him warm during the rest of his trip and some Bristol Karate Academy merchandise to remind him of our dojo. 

Thank you to Makita Sensei for your time and expert instruction and thank you to JKS England for the opportunity to be a host dojo for this visit. We hope this will be the first of many in the future.