Latest updates from across the academy

By Admin
06 February 2023 9:50 pm

Congratulations to the three Bristol Karate Academy karateka that have been selected to be part of the JKS England squad! The selections took place in Harrogate, under JKS England national coach, Sensei Matt Price and assistant coach, Sensei Ben Richardson.

Josh Mashford was selected for kumite, Liam Mashford was selected for both kata and kumite and Tim Griffiths was selected for kata. This will be the second year on the JKS England squad for each of our members, with all of them keen to impress throughout 2023 - particularly with the prospect of the JKS World Championships in Tokyo next year.

Our trio will now be representing JKS England at a number of tournaments throughout the year, including the EKF all-styles English Championships, the BKF all-styles British Championships and various other events. 

While we look forward to seeing them perform while representing JKS England, their first competitive outing of 2023 - along with six other Academy members - will be at the KSE Championships in Gloucester in a month's time.

Best of luck to our squad members and to all Bristol Karate Academy competitors for the tournaments in the year ahead!