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By Admin
08 December 2022 8:46 pm
Warriors look fierce after passing their gradings.
Warriors look fierce after passing their gradings.

A big well done to our latest cohort of Warriors for successfully passing their gradings on Friday 2nd December!

12 of our current group of Warriors attempted a grading this term, which some students achieving their first ever karate belt and two passing their third!

The gradings – held in the penultimate week of the term – were the culmination of months of hard work. The Warriors, who are the youngest group across Bristol Karate Academy, took their ‘mon’ grades in front of a panel consisting of two Academy third dans. Students were asked to demonstrate everything from their syllabus. This included kihon (fundamentals), kata (sequenced movements), kumite (partner work) and their understanding of karate terminology.

We’re really pleased with the overall standard and effort levels shown across the whole group of Warriors and especially with the 12 that graded this term. Congratulations!

With the current term drawing to a close, we now look forward to our next term, which starts on Friday 6th January 2023. While most of the spaces are now taken, we have a small number available on a first come, first served basis to new starters.

Every term since our return from COVID has been fully booked, so we’d recommend booking early if you’d like to reserve your child a space. If you’re interested in your child joining, get in touch using our enquiry form, on our Warriors page.