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By Admin
23 May 2022 10:09 pm

Starting this Sunday, 29th May, we’re trialling a new, once a month session – Open kumite development training.

What's the deal?

The new sessions will be on the last Sunday of the month and are designed to give more opportunities for more people to learn or improve their jiyu kumite (free sparring).

Sessions won’t follow the usual class structure. They’re largely ‘open practice’ with opportunities for bouts in the class. However we’ll still be working on meeting specific kumite-based goals:
  • Getting started with kumite
  • Understanding the rules of competition karate
  • Refining and improving techniques and combinations
  • Developing tactics for tournaments and advanced gradings
Who are the sessions open to?

They're open to anyone graded 9th kyu or above that's interested in learning or improving their kumite. These sessions are only for members that join our general classes too. They’re not a replacement for other sessions.

When are the sessions?

We’ll run three trial sessions, each on the last Sunday of the month.
  • Sunday 29th May (11am-12 noon)
  • Sunday 26th June (11am-12 noon)
  • Sunday 31st July (11am-12 noon)
We’ll decide after these sessions whether to continue on a monthly basis through to the end of the year.

Why are we introducing these sessions?

To make sure our members have a broader experience and to give everyone more time on the mat.

Often our free sparring classes are restricted to higher grades, simply because of the efforts to make sure club members are fully prepared for the things they’re required to learn for their gradings. But we’d like to give more people the opportunity to get involved.

For more experienced members, we’re naturally limited in the amount of time we spend each week on free sparring. So our new open kumite development sessions will increase the time spent on the mat, to help you prepare for gradings and tournaments. 

What do I need to bring?

We understand that if you’re just getting started then you might not have all the right equipment just yet.

On 29th May, if you have a gum shield and pads then please bring them. If not, don’t let that deter you; we’ll have a limited number of mitts available to borrow.

From 26th June onwards you’ll need to bring a minimum of a gum shield and aim to bring your own mitts.

Those that wish to compete in tournaments later in the year will need to get used to wearing a gum shield, mitts, shin/instep protectors and a groin guard for men and chest protector for women. A limited number of tournaments will require a WKF-approved body protector. You’ll need to have red AND blue equipment, including belts.

If you wish to buy any equipment then please get in touch.

How much are these sessions?

Free for most people. It’s free to anyone on a monthly membership; It won’t count towards the classes included in your monthly membership.  It’s also free to anyone that joins the preceding 10am Sunday class, regardless of membership level. For all other members it’s £6 per session.

How do I book in?

Book in the same way as you book all other Bristol Karate Academy sessions. Please note there are less spaces available in the 11am class than the 10am class, so joining the earlier class will not guarantee that you’ll be able to stay on! Please book as far in advance as possible.