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By Admin
03 October 2021 1:52 pm

Over the summer, many of the government-imposed restrictions in England ended and the onus was placed on individual clubs, organisations and businesses to determine how to deal with COVID in their own setting. 

Government rules have changed from time-to-time and so, to avoid any ambiguity, here are the latest rules for those attending a Bristol Karate Academy dojo until further notice: 
  • Please continue to self-assess for COVID symptoms: We are lucky to have responsible members that look out for themselves and others. You must not attend classes if you’re either showing COVID symptoms or you have been instructed to self isolate. We do not want to be the source of a local COVID outbreak and we do not want to have to close our doors as a result.

  • Do not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID symptoms or has tested positive: Our rules are stricter than government rules. Please do not come to karate if you or a household member has COVID symptoms and has tested positive on either a lateral flow or PCR COVID test. Allow at least 10 days before returning, to give your club mates the best possible chance of avoiding coronavirus. If you've already paid for classes in advance, get in touch with us by email so we can we can make sure you don't lose out by doing the right thing. 

  • It’s still essential to book your classes: Class sizes are still capped, so you'll still need to book. Monthly members can book 14 days in advance, while ‘pay as you go’ members can book any remaining spaces up to 7 days in advance. 

  • Masks should continue to be worn indoors: As requested by our governing body, you should continue to wear masks when not training. 

  • Sanitiser stations remain in place: We’ll still have hand sanitisers at our entrances and exits and we expect all those that enter to use them.

  • It's possible to watch a class if you're wearing a face covering: Spectators that wear a face covering are welcome to watch classes. Face coverings should cover your nose and mouth. Anyone that cannot wear a face covering, forgets to bring a face covering or does not want to wear a face covering can usually watch from an open door. 

  • Fewer restrictions on partner changeovers: We've been restricting the number of partner changeovers in all classes since we've returned to partnerwork. While in many classes we'll continue to do this, there will be occasions where we don't restrict the number of changeovers, particularly in our Friday night advanced kumite class. 

  • We’ll follow the rules of our venues: If any of our venues ask us to follow particular rules then we will of course ask you to follow them. There’s currently nothing that’s different from the above that’s been requested by any of our venues.
Many of our members have has different levels of expectation for a return to normality and we also know that some of our members are more nervous about the risk of infection than others.

We believe we continue to offer a balanced approach: offering all of us a chance to enjoy our training with prudent but reasonable safeguards in place. If you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to get in touch.

See you in the dojo.